Struggling With DIY Christmas Card Ideas? Here Are 11 To Get You Started

Struggling With DIY Christmas Card Ideas? Here Are 11 To Get You Started

As a crafter, it is likely you’ve been gagging to get crafting for Christmas for months – what better opportunity to show off your skills than the seasonal celebration of the year?

There are presents to make, Christmas decks to craft and of course, the all important Christmas cards to create. You want your cards to be personal, fun, individual, unique and really well made. Time, effort and good quality supplies can help you some way, but if your brain isn’t giving you any enlightened card ideas, you’re kind of stuck. Don’t panic if this is you, we’re about to make things a lot easier with these 11 fantastic DIY Christmas card ideas:

  1. Food

There are tons of Christmas foods that are intrinsically linked to this event, which means there’s loads of inspiration to be had from this area of interest. Just some of the foods you could use as inspiration for your cards are:

– Sprouts

– Mince Pies

– Turkey

– Mulled Wine

– Nuts In Shells

-Christmas Pudding

Use these in connection with humour, or just create really bright, vibrant images of them and you’ll instantly have an attractive card.

  1. Clothes

What about a card with a funky Christmas jumper on? Or in the shape of a Christmas hat?

  1. Decorations

Often a key inspiration for Christmas cards on the supermarket shelves, Christmas decorations are ever inspiring because of their bright colours, sparkles and general Christmas spirit. Use the shapes of iconic decorations to create the card template, or even make the card  decoration itself by attaching a ribbon hanger to it.

  1. Santa

Santa is the seasons friendliest fella, so it makes sense to put his bit smiling bearded face on your card!

  1. Rudolf

Another great Christmas celebrity, Rudolf provides plenty of creative inspiration for scenes or imagery on a card. Consider making his red nose stand out with a homemade pom pom or glitter.

  1. Religion

Christmas is based on religion and for many, it’s still at the heart of the season. If you’re quite the artist, try drawing or painting detailed Christmas scenes. Alternatively, decorate a poem or create simple iconic scenes from the Christmas story.

  1. Animals

Christmas has many iconic animals associated with it – reindeer and robins being two popular ones. However, Christmas cards often feature general winter animals in winter scenes – hare in the snow, squirrels, penguins, polar bears, moose – the list is endless. In fact any animal in a wintry or Christmas scene can be festive. Cats or dogs with Christmas hats on, lying by the tree, or out in the snow are particularly popular images.

  1. Modern

Simple modern Christmas colours and design can look really good. A simple robin print repeated looks fabulous and fun, or a Scandinavian print in simple white and red can look really professional. Don’t be afraid to create a contemporary design.

  1. Scenes From Around The World Theme

Combining your favourite location with Christmas themes can look really great. One of the most popular Christmas location themes is the seaside. Beach huts with Christmas lights hanging from them, Santa in a deckchair eating fish and chips, a seaside town with a Christmas tree and decking, even seagulls eating a mince pie. It gives people a lovely sense of the whole world celebrating this wonderful day.

  1. Local

This is a great idea, especially if you are sending your card to friends or relatives abroad. A simple Christmas scene based around local landmarks, or just with the local town or city name, can turn a general pretty Christmas card into something really personal and individual.

  1. Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is an icon of Christmas and there are so many different amazing things you can do with it when it comes to creating cards. You could create Christmas tree shaped card template,create several, and then put your art and craft supplies on the table, and enjoy an afternoon of crafts with your children, with everyone decorating their own tree. Or you could make a beautiful tree and place family member names in the ornaments. Your tree could be humourous and have a cat or santa stuck in it. You could also just make a really beautiful tree using lots of gorgeous colours and accessories.

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